Saturday, December 27, 2008


Some pictures of our time with Grandpa & Grandma Adkins Christmas Eve and the rest here with the other grandparents and Uncle D up North. If you can't tell, we've been having fun!

say cheese!

A teddy bear from GG with yummy Hershey's Kisses!

trying on Grandma's new sweater

after shoveling off part of Grandma's roof... yee haw!

I love you!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Retro Red

Christmas came a few days early for Amelia this year, as we're headed up north in a few days to see Grandpa and Grandma B. Needless to say, the kitchen has been a big hit and she keeps herself quite busy tinkering around on it. It is of utmost importance to have on her apron while she is cooking and telling us that the stove is hot.

Friday, December 19, 2008

tidbits of Christmas


Amelia has been so excited about the rain this week, I think its the first time she remembers seeing it (yes, that is how little we get it here). We had Travis and Kim over for an evening of gift exchanging and Mexican food last weekend. The girls had a blast opening presents, Morgan ripping off the paper to see what was inside, Amelia tearing off small pieces of paper and taking them one by one to the trash can. Yikes! And as you can see, I tortured Amelia into sitting with Santa after much coaxing and crying. Morgan did the same thing. We've never had the girls cling onto us so tightly! They did enjoy their candy cane's afterward though.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amelia meets EJ

wearing EJ's sassy sunglasses

why people think we have twins...

Last week we had a visit from our dear friends Andy, Jenny and baby EJ. It was so good to see them again! Jenny and I had fun catching up and strolling the girls around town in the balmy Southern California weather. Amelia loved having EJ around and kept giving her kisses and saying "baaaybee." We all headed to In N Out their last night here because we couldn't send them back to the East coast without at least one double double.

Monday, December 8, 2008

december festivities

Kari & her niece opening gifts

About to become parents!

seeing everything from up high

My friend Kari that I used to work with is expecting her first baby in January, so her sister and family put on a wonderful shower for her in honor of their baby girl. It was fun to catch up with some old friends that I hadn't seen for awhile.

After meeting and a nap for Amelia, we met up with Travis and Kim and some of their friends from church for a tree lighting ceremony in Old Town Orange last night. For the girls, it was mostly munching on snacks and holding our hands while checking out all the people that were there. It was nice to get together with everyone again.

Monday, December 1, 2008


hungry fellas

reading with GG


having fun with Auntie CC's makeup

Amelia & Papa's reuniting (after one long hour)

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, you get to eat, eat, eat for four days straight! It is my favorite holiday. : ) We had a nice time up at Papa and YaYa's with all of the Adkins clan there. Aunt Sara's parents joined us for a couple of days, it was nice to have them too. Most of all, it was exciting to announce to everyone that we have another little one on the way, due at the beginning of June. We think Amelia is excited to be a big sister! : )