Monday, September 29, 2008


We went camping this past weekend up in Sequoia National Forest and had a wonderful time. It got a little cold in the tent at night, but once the sun rose we had sunny, warm weather. As you will see, the scenery was worth the drive. I'll let the pictures tell the rest:

mmm... fresh eggs from the Adkins Family Farm!

Bryan too tuckered out to go on...

so tired!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

fall at the farm

visiting Papa at work

tasting Grandma's fresh produce

so grown up!

I think she prefers a stroller...

On Thursday I had the opportunity to go and visit Grandpa and Grandma with Amelia, having a 4 day weekend was wonderful! We stopped off to visit Papa and the guys at work on our way up. Those tanks each hold one MILLION pounds each! Crazy, eh? Amelia enjoyed spending time with Grandma collecting eggs from the chickens and munching on grapes and raspberries from her garden. The apple orchards opened up this weekend, so Grandma, Amelia and I went apple picking. As you can see, Amelia had no complaints about coming along! After that the boys picked up some yummy burgers at the country store and we had a windy, but lovely picnic by the lake.

On Sunday we were joined by The Cary Crew (not that they ever update their blog...) and had a lovely day at the meeting room with all those there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

car wash

Today Amelia 'helped' me wash the car, as you can probably tell, it took a lot longer than it should have. Don't look too close at all the spots left on the windows from me trying to keep her out of trouble. Next time I'll do it during nap time. Better yet, Nathan can do it!

for Amelia's room



new cover

wall panels

Here are a few things I've been fixing up and making over the past month or so for Amelia's room. Thanks, Mom, for being here so I could have some uninterrupted time to do them!

Clint & Sara's California Reception

A few pictures from the reception honoring Clint and Sara this past weekend. We apologize for no pictures of Clint, a small detail we overlooked... A big thanks to those who made it all happen and for all those who came.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Grandma, the zoo & a wedding

not a very likely combination of pictures, but I'm too lazy to separate posts today. : )

Grandma pushed me through the store like this.

Santa Ana Zoo

Bald Eagle nest

going on the choo choo train

lunch at Dukes

this was taken before Brock shared his jelly beans with Amelia

the bride and groom after they served us ice cream, yum!

doesn't everyone get soaked at a wedding?

Grandma B stayed awhile after we went to Santa Barbara, so we had lots of fun with her. Kim and Morgan joined us for an afternoon at the Santa Ana zoo, where most of the animals were hiding or laying around because it was so hot. We didn't blame them. We were able to meet up with Uncle Neil and Ena at Duke's in Huntington Beach for lunch and had a nice time catching up. On Saturday we went to Craig and Juliana's wedding where the heat streak continued, thus Amelia running around in the mister they had set up on the grass. Very good idea for the kids (and adults who happen to have children...). Grandma left yesterday, so its back to doing my own cooking and cleaning! : )