Friday, September 25, 2009

apple picking festivities

This past weekend we headed out to Oak Glen to pick some apples with Travis, Kim and Morgan. Amelia was so excited, she was looking for apple trees the whole drive out there. First, we grabbed some lunch to get some energy for the rest of the day. Kim and I had grilled (sharp) cheese sandwiches with bacon and apples on it, it was quite delicious.

There were lots of fun things to do out there: little shops in playhouse sized buildings, a wild west show and all sorts of apple oriented goodies to eat. We headed up the road to a u-pick orchard that was really neat, called Riley's Farm. It ended up being an ordeal to just go pick apples, but it was fun. We took a hay ride and eventually got to go pick some apples and pears. Yum!

it's not a John Deere, but it was still cool!

the Riley farm house

Friday, September 18, 2009

she's baaack

We're back in full swing of child care here at the Adkins Family residence. As you can see, the girls have been having quite a bit of fun together the past couple of weeks. But, I'm starting to understand all the fighting children that He Shall Direct Our Path posts about now. It seems like battling alternates with all of the good times frequently throughout the day. That being said, it's actually going quite well.

story time with Uncle Nate
(as Amelia also refers to him when Morgan is here)

poor fella, this is what happens with two little girls around

pretending to take naps

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Red Rider

our little 50's housewife

Amelia and Wyatt got a new toy this weekend thanks to GG Taylor's! Can you tell we tend towards things that are red and retro? Now if we could only find a house with those qualities in our price range in a decent neighborhood.

This tri-bike (as Amelia excitedly calls it) should last until Wyatt is big enough to ride it, hopefully with minimal rust. Amelia can't quite reach the pedals, but before long she'll be riding around to all of the places she tells us she's pretending to be going: the beach, the playground, to see the cranes in the harbor, etc.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009