Thursday, April 26, 2012

a san deigo party

Get ready for some pictures of face painted kids, and there are a lot of cute ones! ; ) We had lots of fun helping Molly celebrate her 5th birthday down in San Diego. They did it up right with lots of good company and yummy food!

 If you look closely, you can see all the gravel in the fire pit that was such an attraction to a certain little boy...
The hosts and their extended family. ♥
Old, but still young friends. : )
 I love this old oak tree in the front yard.
We got to play with Ember and her Daddy and Mommy later that evening.
Wyatt introducing his chicken to the baby chickies. : )

Friday, April 20, 2012

april stuff

I guess some would still want to see these pictures although it is way after the fact at this point! The kids had an Easter egg hunt with the neighbor's down in the courtyard. There is no shortage of candy around here!

Despite the weather report for lots of rain, we met Daddy at his work and caught a glimpse of the Long Beach Grand Prix. We saw the time trials for the celebrity race with the somewhat quiet Toyota Celica's. After about 15 minutes the kids were done watching at the street level and wanted to go to Daddy's office. So Amelia got to watch the indie cars race from a birds eye view through the "bee-noc-lee-ars" from Nathan's window. : )

Monday, April 2, 2012

a princess party

Yet another request from Amelia was to have a princess party in Tehachapi. Aunt Sara came through for me on this one and made a castle cake for her and it turned out fabulous! She even made the Adkins family traditional Grandma Cake and changed it up with a little food coloring, fancy piping and a hidden pink layer in the middle of the two chocolate layers. Amelia loved it!

The three celebrating birthdays.

Uncle Nick got Wyatt some tractors so he didn't feel too left out. : )

A picture of me from my 5th birthday. Whoo hoo for mullets! ; )

Another gift for Wyatt from Grandpa & Grandma. Plus the shirt from Paris he had on from a certain Aunt and Uncle across the way. All these people are so thoughtful!

In their favorite new outfits at the end of the night.