Monday, May 21, 2012

beach house

Our old neighbor and friend, Al, has a friend with a beach house. A beach house right on the water. In fact, when you are standing in the kitchen and looking out toward the Pacific, it seems as if you are right on top of it. We had a nice, relaxing weekend there a few weeks back with some fairly decent company. : ) As you'll see, my kids consumed a lot of watermelon and have a slice in most pictures.

Nathan walked away from the weekend into urgent care with some sore, bruised ribs (thank the Lord they weren't cracked or broken). He had gone out surfing to see if his wrist could handle the weight bearing down on it after being broken last winter and in a cast so long. So the freak rib thing has set him back another few weeks, but he hopes to get out and get wet again soon! And his ribs do feel better now, by the way. Whew.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I love mothers

Haulin' with Grandma.

enough said.

These beauties always remind me of home.

GG's new bed and some great grand-kid cheer.

The Tehachapi Mother's Day Trio.