Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hi folks! Here is a round up of our month of January:

Opening presents with the Adkins fam in San Diego.

Dining with the birthday Aunties. : )

Birthday Girl.

Two more birthday girls. 

The Adkins ladies. ♥

Amelia learning to roller blade. It looks like it took all our efforts to get her out there! 

Uncle Nate meeting baby Taylor. ♥

Four of the five boys wearing plaid in Tehachapi on a Sunday.

Three fancy girls with their skirts, cardigans and bling!

Amanda and Ryker's baby shower... it was so lovely!
(Photo courtesy of Karry)
(Photo courtesy of Karry)
(Photo courtesy of Karry)
Sweet baby Ryker.
(Photo courtesy of Karry)
At the end of the month this precious girl had pneumonia
and was down and out for about 2 weeks.We're so thankful for all the
prayers going up for her, they were answered and she is back to 100% now.