Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wildwood flowers

The last weekend was spent in the lovely mountains of The Hatch. We got a quick visit in with GG, trying not to over do it as she hasn't been in the best of health. She was able to perform one of her favorite things of late though in holding Mr. Boy (and he wasn't too squirmy!).

On Sunday afternoon the kids were at home with Grandpa and Grandma and Nathan caught a ride home with Gene and Linz, so I hopped in the car and went to explore some of the local wildflowers. The California poppies were going crazy. It looked like the hills were on fire, but in a fluorescent orange construction color kinda way. I still had on my dress and flip flops, not intending to explore past the side of the road, but the beautiful day got in the way of my plans on my last stop. I hiked as far as I could until it got too steep for the meager leather straps on my feet to handle.

[You can see the blanket of orange in the background].

What was once wildlife.

Gratuitous Hemi shot (haha, NaomiG!). : )

Monday, April 12, 2010

more picture potpourri


Discussions on what was going to be happening on the first day of VBS.

Little dude checking out Daddy's board.

Yes, you can squish three children in there.

Mo reading Amelia a bedtime story. : )