Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Thanks to Travis and Kim, we got to take in an LA Galaxy soccer game. It was really fun, we had great seats and the Galaxy won.

It was a bit tame compared to the last soccer/futbol game I attended in 2001 in Torino. It was the last home game of the season and Juventis only had a few goals to be tied with Roma for the championships. The crowd noise was pulsating through my body, there were people lighting things on fire and then about 30 minutes before the game ended, the fans stormed the field sending the players for cover. Just as they were getting a handle on the crowd, the people from the other side got through the plexi-glass onto the field. Finally, the announcer said for everyone to get off the field or they would be arrested (they must have said it in English, or I had picked up enough Italian by that time I figured it out). So, the people moved to the edges of the field and the players came back out and finished the game. The intensity of the whole situation was incredible. Juventis won the game and then everyone went out on the field and were tearing up chunks of turf and going crazy. A whole new meaning for the term "and the crowd goes wild" for this seemingly small town American girl.

I guess I got sidetracked (imagine that?). Back to the MLS game:

Yes, ladies, I was this close to David Beckham.

Number 14 is Robbie Keane and they had just signed him that week from Ireland. He made the first goal and made our Irish eyes smile (that one is for you, Noreen). And the other guy in white is Donovan. I'm sure most of you probably don't really care and this is all pretty funny coming from me, since I'm not much of a sports fan in general.

Our hosts. : )

Friday, August 26, 2011


Unlike much of the rest of the United States, we have had very pleasant summer weather this year. Or maybe it's been a little too chilly for some?

We did put on some summer clothing and enjoy some time at the splash pad with Aunt Kimmy. : )

Sunday, August 21, 2011

our boy

We had a babysitter recently say to us, "Wyatt is soooo cute!" And I replied, "I'm glad he's cute because he can be SO naughty." Here are some prime examples:

Quite proud of his new swim vest thing. No, he did not wear it for his bath and yes, we did put board shorts over the bottoms for the pool. We aren't that European here, folks.

He climbed out of his crib a couple of times last week, so he now sleeps in his "big boy bed." This has made for some very messy and destructive naps. And I've been having to take naps to help with the mental capacity it takes to keep up with it all. It is getting better and I think I've moved everything I can think of up high in his closet that he shouldn't be getting into. See that curtain/blind rod? That's broken into three pieces now. And he hid two of them between his sliding closet doors down in the tracks. Naughty, I tell you.

Poor Baby Uncle Ernie.

And the hat. And blankets. And carpet. And dresser. And desk. And truck. And stuffed animals. Oh, and Wyatt's eyes, face, hair and clothes. The eyes were the give away as it stung and he cried so I went to check on him.

He had been playing so nice and quiet before that.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We had the pleasure of some of Nathan's cousins from the Lawrenceville area visit us last week. It was so fun to get to know them better and show them our little corner of California. The only pictures I have are from their first night here. We took them for a very windy bonfire at the beach. We proceeded to take them to the beach again the next day and despite the sunburn, I think they all enjoyed themselves.

A primitive form of engineering:
building a fire on a windy day.

No hesitations. It was straight into the Pacific for this guy.

Taking shelter.

Wyatt learned from the big boys what life is all about.