Thursday, March 28, 2013


My mom was here for almost two weeks and we enjoyed her visit so much. While she was here, we visited with some of our extended family, it was nice to see loved ones we hadn't seen in awhile. 

Four people piled in Uncle Neil's big chair! : )

The old sign still stands.

Grandpa and Grandma Taylor's old house in Eagle Rock, with a few added features.

A childhood memory of mine: always being excited to drive by the Sparkletts plant. 

Amelia and her second cousin enjoying lunch together with lots of giggles!

Yummy ice cream at the Shadow Hills Sunday School Treat.

The girl on the left lost her first two teeth within two days. Exciting times around here!

Friday, March 22, 2013

birthday stuff

It's that time of year again! Miss Amelia turned 6, Papa Neil turned 6 plus a zero and I might be turning another year older myself. : ) We had a nice party for the three of us last weekend and on Monday after school, we had a birthday play date at the park for Amelia's classmates and friends.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

from middle America

We had visitors from "the farm" a couple weeks ago. Amelia was sooo impressed that Uncle Arthur was a real farmer! We think it's pretty cool too. They were able to stop by our house for a quick visit on a Tuesday and then came back on Saturday with Grandpa and Grandma for an afternoon at the beach. 

Amelia reading them her book from school on planting seeds. : )

We were told this was a yellow fin. Amelia let out an excited scream when she touched it. 

We decided to stick our toes in the water and it wasn't too bad.

Amelia kept shedding layers and both ended up staying pretty dry.

Thanks, Uncle Arthur and Aunt Elsa for the ice cream.
Posing by his sign. ; )

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

beach day with friends

A couple of weeks back we had some gorgeous weather and some great friends to visit, and thankfully that visit got to start off at the beach! It was fun for the mommies to catch up and for the kids to get to know each other better. : )

My funny rock lovin' boy.

♥ friends ♥

The aftermath of a sand fight with Lucas...

So excited to get to hold a guinea pig!
The first two carrot takers.

Now for all the girls eating carrots...

... and of course we can't leave out the boys! : )