Thursday, November 6, 2014


A visit to the Huntington Beach Central Library (designed by Richard Neutra)

A date night at the Anaheim Packing House.

Dessert at PopBar (Gelato in popsicle form, yum!).

 VW Car show near Oktoberfest in Stallion Springs.

Apple picking in Tehachapi. :)

A fun afternoon with friends.

"Drive-in movie night" at Awana.

Face paint with Ember at the Down Syndrome Buddy walk in San Diego. 

A little too scary for my taste...

Happy 1st birthday, Ryker!

Happy birthday, Daddy! :)

An October sunset over Long Beach.

Picking out a pumpkin at a really neat Ralph's store in Sherman Oaks.

Ralph's designed by Daddy's work. They even had live music inside for Okoberfest, an accordion and a clarinet. :)

Family selfie: all smiles after playing at a park in Beverly Hills.

Carving our pumpkins the next day.

Too bad they rotted and molded out within two days of carving. :/ 
A piece of candy and a ninja.

Poor girl having another bout with pneumonia (she's still dealing with it... such a trooper!).

She even got to have her first experience at the ER, thankfully not a bad experience!
Ninja boy.
Our silly bat. :) 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October 23rd pictures, 8th edition

It's that time of year again! Here are the girls (and this year we've got a new sibling we could add to the photo!) each year since 2007. Enjoy! :)









2014 with siblings :)

This one was just too cute not to add.