Monday, January 24, 2011

yee haw!

"We get to ride ponies at Bridget's birthday!" This was probably the most common phrase coming out of Amelia's mouth last week, and the ponies and the party did not disappoint. Unfortunately, my map reading skills made us a late, so we kind of had to rush through everything, but the kids had so much fun. Thanks Kari and Cody!

Happy 2nd birthday cowgirl Bridget! ♥

He got the biggest kick out of feeding the goats.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

birthdays & more

While these two were off to Rome to celebrate Christmas and Lindsay's birthday...

We flew in from Spokane and headed straight to Tehachapi to celebrate the birthday's of these two lovely ladies (with the kids ever present to help unwrap gifts):

Nick and Bandit getting some cuddle time in:

Finally home again after a little over two weeks and getting back into the swing of things around here:

We've been enjoying some warm weather here, getting in some time at the beach and at the park. Quite a change from the weather we were visiting two weeks ago! No complaints for either kind, both are lots of fun. I haven't been toting the camera around much lately, thus the lack of posts. : )

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's cold here

Glimpses of our time "back home" for the holidays:

New cozy jammies... which they need, it's currently 11 degrees.

Her new brush from GG that she takes very seriously.

He still enjoys trying on other people's shoes.?!

Using Grandpa and Grandma's furniture as parallel bars.

Wearing my old Cabbage Patch doll's shoes.

Uncle Drew's new old ride complete with lots of pinstriping.

Endless reading (thanks GG!).

Helping Papa D.

The perfect sledding hill for the little ones in the front yard.

Celebrating two special people's birthday's
(Dad's got a big one coming up in Feb, but we're not going to be here).

A beautiful sunny day downtown.