Monday, March 9, 2015


Ice skating night at AWANA, and the Beans joined us. :)

Pretending to go on rides at the mall. 

Coffee and talk time with Ilona, and her newest addition! She's such a cutie pie.

Open House night at school... this picture is creepy! His teacher has an app that can make you look old. Yikes!

Watch out, yo? Hmmm. :)

Mrs. Hansard and Amelia

Mrs. Nelson and Wyatt

Valentine's chocolate makers.

Valentine's chocolate eaters.

A lovely day at the beach. The Port of LA has been closed on the weekends (labor disputes) so there are lots of cargo ships lined up.

A beach bathing beauty.

Coffee with Mr. Timmons. :)

Lunch with Uncle Neil.

Dad and Mom checking out a Tesla. ha! :)

Reading time with Taylor.

Birthday treats for Grandpa's birthday.

Dinner out for Dad's birthday. :)