Friday, December 12, 2014


Goofing around at lunch. A gyro mustache? ;)

A late birthday celebration for Daddy.

A wonderful French themed personal shower for Brooke J.

Running into old friends is great!

Both girls had ear infections, so they got a day off from school together. 

Two cuties together at Brooke and Darren's wedding reception. So great to see friends from near and far.

Our boy exhibiting excellent manners.

The only shot I got of the bride and groom. 

A princess party for Gaby (note the broken leg hidden under all those pretty skirts).

Working hard with Uncle Drew and Daddy at the beach.

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As close as we get to a winter wonderland here. :)

More fun with friends and relations!

A rainy walk to school.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


A visit to the Huntington Beach Central Library (designed by Richard Neutra)

A date night at the Anaheim Packing House.

Dessert at PopBar (Gelato in popsicle form, yum!).

 VW Car show near Oktoberfest in Stallion Springs.

Apple picking in Tehachapi. :)

A fun afternoon with friends.

"Drive-in movie night" at Awana.

Face paint with Ember at the Down Syndrome Buddy walk in San Diego. 

A little too scary for my taste...

Happy 1st birthday, Ryker!

Happy birthday, Daddy! :)

An October sunset over Long Beach.

Picking out a pumpkin at a really neat Ralph's store in Sherman Oaks.

Ralph's designed by Daddy's work. They even had live music inside for Okoberfest, an accordion and a clarinet. :)

Family selfie: all smiles after playing at a park in Beverly Hills.

Carving our pumpkins the next day.

Too bad they rotted and molded out within two days of carving. :/ 
A piece of candy and a ninja.

Poor girl having another bout with pneumonia (she's still dealing with it... such a trooper!).

She even got to have her first experience at the ER, thankfully not a bad experience!
Ninja boy.
Our silly bat. :)