Monday, June 27, 2011

more NW fun

(This picture is supposed to be in order with the Corbin Art Center. I can't get it to re-arrange.)

Delicious shortbread cookies as big as your face...

...make you sit and smile with the giver. : )

We visited the Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens after a delishious breakfast at Chaps with Dave and Lynn. I did my senior thesis on the restoration of these gardens, so it was neat to finally see it finished and blooming (not from my research work, that was all Lynn's doing).

The Moore-Turner gardens happen to be right next door to where we got married at the Corbin Art Center, so all 15 of you who were in attendance at the actual ceremony might remember this spot:

We've also had the opportunity of having dinner with quite a few different folks, but I haven't snapped photos every night. I guess my time was being spent enjoying myself, as these two seem to be doing:

And of course, Uh Dru's "cycle."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I actually have the time to do a blog post when I'm not at home! Here are a few pictures since our arrival yesterday:

Chef Wyatt going to pick some thyme.

A little scary, but a lot of fun. : )

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We've got a certain little boy in this house turning two next week. He was due two years ago yesterday, but he took his time a comin'. When he decided it was time to meet us, he came fast and he hasn't slowed down since. We love you, little Buster Boo (as Amelia affectionately calls him).

We celebrated a couple of weeks early with the family up in Tehachapi, we took advantage of having both Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Drew in town. It was so much fun to watch Wyatt take it all in.

The boys taking turns on Nick's dirt bike.

Aunties ♥

Checking out Uncle Nick's pint-sized wall board. Now we just need to photoshop Wyatt and the board into a beach scene. : )

Cake made by Aunt Lindsay! : )

The lolly pop banditas.