Thursday, December 23, 2010


She was so excited about this blue ruler (most of it is out of the picture).

Said blue ruler.

Apparently dry erase marker does not erase off paint.

Family ♥.

Extra fun in a new tutu.

I caught Morgan at a good moment, most of the time
she just stood there, it was too funny (she had informed
her parents on the way to the play that she wouldn't
be singing that night, and she didn't!).

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas & New Year! ♥

Saturday, December 18, 2010

comfort & joy

A new sweater from Sicily & a happy little brother.

A cake pop flop. They were gross. They got tossed.
Next time I will follow a recipe and maybe they will taste
and look as good as Bakerella's (I wish!).

The old changing table to hold toys in the closet.
They pretend to be R and J (who have real bunk beds!).

I ♥ holiday cards. They make my day.

Morgan's dance recital... very cute watching
four three-year-olds perform for us.

Amelia would loooooove to be in Mo's ballet class, but
informed the instructor (with arms crossed and all),
"I can do it all by myself at home."
Good thing, it's cheaper! : )

Friday, December 10, 2010


Dr. Amelia checking for cavities (she didn't find any).

Soon there will be stockings in the reflection.

Pardon the dust. There is a lot of that around here.

Festive lights on the doll house.

Enjoying the local holiday parade.