Thursday, January 26, 2012

moving along

Moved into the kids rooms: new tables and chairs into each of their rooms! Kim's mom, Shirley gave them money for Christmas for them and they've been a hit! The kids have been using them a ton... thanks Grandma Shirley!

We lost three dear people in our lives a couple of weeks back, all on the same day. Nathan's Great Aunt Myra, "Grandma" Rachel Grebe and my Great Uncle Jimmy. Unfortunatly due to colds, an ear infection and two flat tires (thank goodness I was parked in the driveway both times we noticed they were flat, the second was due to a bad patch on the first flat tire), the kids and I weren't able to make it to either memorial service for Aunt Myra or Uncle Jimmy.

Moved into Papa Neil and Grandma Eileen's house: GG (Great Grandma)! Nathan's grandma had lived with her sister, Aunt Myra who was 92 years old, four years younger than GG. Neil and Eileen, bless their souls, had GG move in with them, so I spent some time helping them get her quarters ready for her to move in. The kids loved being able to help and be at Grandpa and Grandma's again so soon! GG's only been there for about four days now, but seems to be enjoying her new "apartment" as she calls it. : )

Wyatt getting into something he shouldn't, I'm sure...

Enjoying a cup of tea with Mom. : )

Thursday, January 12, 2012

wrap up

Some pictures of our last couple of weeks in December:

Morgan generously gave each of our kids one of her pillow pets.

Such a sweet, thoughtful girl!

Showing off her cookie, hand on the hip and all. : )

Tearing into all the loot in Tehachapi.

A visit to an ostrich ranch, quite interesting!

I never knew ostriches were used for so many things.

How Clint hauls firewood. ; )

Precious moments.

Somehow, somewhere Aunt Sara missed her calling.