Monday, July 16, 2012


 A few shots of our summer so far:

Our neighbor turned 8, she had a Hawaiian themed ice skating party.  
from skirts to skates...

Swim lessons... Wyatt did this the first session but knew better
and passed on going off the diving board the second session. : )

At the beach with second cousins, so fun!

A pool day at the Miller's. ♥

One of Morgan's many birthday celebrations. : )

Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Land is Your Land...

This year we experienced the Joint Forces Training Base Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular. Every year on the 4th, the Base across the from us opens its gates for the public to come in and enjoy some patriotic fun. From our house we commonly see and/or hear helicopters such as Chinook's and occasionally large bombers or a few times a year really loud fighter jets. This time, we got to drive in and park on the flight deck and see the base from the inside. There was a band stand where the "Army guys" (as Wyatt refers to them) were playing mostly traditional American military tunes. We plopped down on our blanket hecho in Mexico and when it got dark, we laid down to see the bombs bursting in air, seemingly right above us. I covered Wyatt's ears as we were quite close to the speakers with tear jerking music about soldiers serving our country and he had his eyes covered. So I snuggled him close and soon he was sleeping to the muffled sounds of America. After the show was over and I was carrying his 30 pounds of dead weight the long way back to the flight deck, he woke up and asked what we were doing. I explained it was all over and we were heading home. "But I want to see the fireworks, Mommy!"

"Driving" a big garbage truck.

Happy birthday, America!

Here is a clip of Wyatt getting into the trombone quartet:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

plus one

Don't get too excited over the title... we just went to Tehachapi with one extra kid. ; ) We had fun! Notice the beautiful long "Rapunzel" hair headbands from Grandma Eileen. The girls loved them! We got to meet up at the park with two other moms with three kids each (soon to be four for one mama!). 

We love hiking around with lovely long locks...

I have a feeling these two are going to be good buddies.

9 kids, 3 moms and I think we walked away without any major injuries!