Monday, June 23, 2014

Some June photos

Lots of missing teeth (but she can still whistle!).
An afternoon with mom.
Running errands with a fun Starbucks stop. : )

Trying out the peninsula in LB, a great beach for small kids.

Impromptu strawberry lemonade sale, we sold out quick.
There was a festival held in the parking lot next to our house, and this was part of the "petting zoo" for kids. They got to go through and try all sorts of different musical instruments thanks to the high school marching band.

Walking up the blue carpet to the Ignite Nutrition one year anniversary party.
Besties. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wyatt is 5!

Tradition #1: Breakfast in bed... 

Tradition #2: going to the beach the day after school gets out. 

Tradition #3: being a goofy kid.

Amelia got him a 3 pack of "5" gum, it was one of his favorite gifts!!! ;)

Wyatt requested a ninja party. :)

Aunt Lindsay made these beautiful, delicious skewers.

Playing "Ninja Master Says" (instead of Simon Says)


Protect the balloon.

Pool party followed ninja party.
More celebrating on Sunday at meeting with ice cream cake. Yum!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It looks as if I'll just be doing a month-by-month photo recap on here! Hopefully I'll gain momentum and post more often.

At the school carnival.

Awana closing ceremonies night.
A fun afternoon in San Diego Co. This picture kind of sums up the day...
love that E is putting the RV back in the pool again... haha!

Having some snuggles with little R, he is just so precious!
An early birthday celebration with Uncle Nick.
Practicing tennis strokes with Papa Neil.
Trying out some of his new tools.
Amelia dressed up as the maid Martha from "The Secret Garden" for a school book report. : )